Avoyelles Progress Action Committee, INC. (A. P. A. C, INC.)
Avoyelles Progress Action Committee, Inc. is a private non-profit organization governed by 15 Board of Directors composed of Elected Representatives of the Poor, Public Officials, and Special Interest Groups.  Officers of the Board are President/ CEO, Vice President, and Secretary.  The committees of the Board consist of an Executive Committee, Personnel Committee, Finance Committee, Public Relations Committee, an Evaluation Committee, and an E. O. Committee.  The Executive Director is the administrator for the organization and is employed by the Board of Directors.  The Executive Director's position is supported by the Executive Secretary.  The positions of Executive Director, Accountant, and Executive Secretary are full time salaried positions.

Ms. Brenda S. Wilmer - Executive Director
Ms. Marveline Juneau - Executive Secretary/ Payroll
Mr. Gary Lachney - Community Services Supervisor
Ms. Jodie Smith - Community Services Secretary
Ms. Jill Ehl - Community Services Worker
Michael Smith - Weatherization Crew Leader
Paul O' Liney - Weatherization Crew
Christopher Moody - Weatherization Crew

Jimmy McGlory - Weatherization Crew
Bobby Bordelon - Weatherization Crew

Address:       Post Office Box 527
                        641 Government Street
                        Marksville, Louisiana 71351

Contacts:      Executive Director (Brenda S. Wilmer)
                        Executive Secretary (Marveline Juneau)
                        Ph.     (318)-253-6085
                        Fax     (318)-253-9153

                        Community Services (Jodie Smith and Gary Lachney)
                        Ph.     (318)-253-9590
                        Fax     (318)-253-9153

E-mail:            apac@kricket.net / bwilmer@kricket.net